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Timo Somers joins Dunlop

Timo joined the Dunlop Family using their Super Bright guitar strings and several MXR pedals. 

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Delain European Headline Tour 2016

Delain will embark on a 5 week European Headline tour with supports Evergrey and Kobra & The Lotus.

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Timo works together with Elles Springs for 2 tracks of her upcoming record ‘Reveal’

Timo co-wrote and produced 2 songs of Elles Springs’ upcoming album Reveal. The album is full of beautiful acoustic pop-rock music. 

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Delain releases new album ‘Moonbathers’

Delain released the brand new album Moonbathers on Napalm Records. The album celebrates 10 years of Delain with 11 brand new tracks. 

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Delain releases lyric video for ‘The Glory And The Scum’ off of new album Moonbathers

Check out the lyric video for The Glory And The Scum, a single off Delain’s latest album ‘Moonbathers’.

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Andy James to guest on Timo Somers debut solo album

Timo is very proud to announce one of his favorite players Andy James played a guest solo on a track of Timo’s upcoming instrumental solo album. 

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